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In addition to home organizing and goal setting I can do these types of projects - events and workshops coordanation, kids collages workshops, art projects assistance. My project management skills and experience experience enables me to manage projects from conception to completion. My area of experience includes hosting local craft markets, coordination of fundraising events (festivals, concerts, classes), teaching art classes for kids, and other relevant activities.

As a creative person I enjoy coming up with new ideas for projects and I am passionate about accomplishing projects and seeing the success of the it.

Vintage Etsy shop Funky Random Finds.

At Funky Random Finds, I'm about celebrating the whimsical and embracing the unique. It all began with a deep-seated love for the extraordinary, which led me to embark on a journey through garage sales, estate sales, and thrift stores in search of hidden treasures. It's not just about the items themselves; it's about the thrill of the hunt, the joy of discovering something truly special.
Every item in our store has a story to tell, a history that adds to its charm and allure.
Each treasure has been carefully curated to bring joy and inspiration to its new home.

Event coordinator

My experience in event planning includes managing a variety of events such as festivals, craft markets, local concerts, and other family or arts and crafts related activities.
I am equipped to provide expert assistance with all aspects of event planning including budgeting, setting and managing event timelines, coordinating vendors, and overseeing the overall event logistics. My skills also extend to creating promotional materials for the events, advertise events online and offline, and bring some fresh ideas for promotion. During the event setup phase, I work closely with vendors and team members to ensure a smooth execution, provide assistance to the setup crew, and facilitate activities throughout the event..

Russian Local Community Craft Markets, 2018-2019
With Russian handmade makers I organized a series of craft markets for our local community. My duties started from choosing vendors, advertising, to manage event's timeline and set up coordination.

Russian Cincinnati Fest, 2019
I brought some new ideas about festival promotion to festival team, actively promoted Russian fest in social media, and posted regular announcements about festival activities and highlights on Facebook event page.

Hope4Ukraine events, 2022-2023
As a co-founder and a regular volunteer of local non-profit I coordinated a variety of fundraising events such as art classes for kids,  souvenir markets, music concerts, and even large-scale events like Ukrainian festivals and Benefit Gala Concert. My duties in cooperation with a team included develop event concepts and details; develop detailed event plans and timelines; monitor event progress; research and source venues, vendors, service providers and suppliers; manage event financials; promote events online and offline; much more.
Delicious Gift by SuDarushka Store Opening, 2022
In collabioration with SuDarushka Studio owner I coordinated the store opening event. We develop the event details and timeline, prepared promotional materials, arranges event layout and decorations, scheduled an activities plan, managed all nesessary processes. Also I assisted with small tasks before, during, and after event.

Kids Art Classes

During 2021-2022 I served as an independent instructor and also collaborated with Hamilton Sculpture Park to deliver a series of children's classes on collage creation. In this role, I was responsible for coming up with class themes and ideas, providing some supplies, and assisting the students throughout the classes. 

Art and Craft Workshops Coordinator

A collage featuring students and the art classes coordinator.

As a workshops coordinator I provide administrative and support services to ensure smooth and efficient operation of workshops, including but not limited to:

- Assisting in preparation of materials for use;
- Processing student applications and payments;
- Assisting students with supplies, instructions, and inquiries;
- Assisting the workshop instructor during the workshops.

Art Project Assistant

I can provide support for various types of art and craft projects, including:
- assisting as an extra set of hands (sewing, painting, holding and folding, forming, decorating, setting up);
- coordinating daily operations and processes throughout the duration of the project;
- contributing my creativity and generating new ideas to enhance the project;

Also I open for collaborative art projects as an artist on joint art projects.


FACTOTUM is a Latin word meaning
“do everything” from fac “do” + tōtum “all”.
It totally reflects me - a creative and hard working person - who has a variety of different skills. 

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