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It's time to take your future in your own hands
and turn dreams into plans

Sign up now for the next Goal Board Workshop and jumpstart your journey to success! With my expert guidance, you'll learn how to create a personalized goal board that will serve as a constant reminder of your dreams and aspirations. Gain invaluable insights into goal-setting, motivation, and productivity, and start taking action towards achieving your goals today!

Register now and take the first step towards achieving your goals!

a woman holding a personalized goal board she created at the goal board workshop in Cincinnati OH

Goal/Vision Boards Workshops

How to turn your dreams into the plans? What are goal or vision boards and why do they work? How goal boards can change your life for the better? I'm teaching this and more at my goal board workshops. With over a decade of experience creating vision boards, I'm here to guide you through the process of visualizing your dreams and achieving your goals.
1-day class it is 3-4 hours workshop for adults or teens (13+) that includes:
- a short presentation about dream/vision boards, their purposes, principles and creating methods;
- a practical help with defining goals, composition and color combinations tips;
- all nessesary supplies providing by me and uncluded to the class fee (foam boards, old magazines, paper, stickers, washi tapes, scissors, markers, inspirational quotes).



Sign up for the next goal board workshop today and start turning your dreams into plans!
With my expert guidance and your own determination, anything is possible.

Private Workshops for Groups, Teams & Organizations:

Creating vision boards or dream boards is a wonderful exercise for setting intentions, visualizing goals, and staying motivated in future. It could be a great activity for team building, networking, or even for friends gathering. Retreats, church groups, book clubs, girls' night out, bridal party, you name it - I would be thrilled to bring this exercise to your next event andcreate a customized workshop for your team. Contact with me by email and we make it work.

So what are you waiting for?


Unlock your vision board journey anytime, anywhere. While workshops offer a group imaginative process, you can embrace creating your dreams in your space. Boost it with my Vision Board Kits, available on Etsy.
Each kit is thoughtfully designed with everything you need to bring your goals to life: magazine images, inspirational headlines, and colorful stickers. All you need is a blank canvas to launch your personal goal-setting journey.
Buy a vision board kit now and let my expert tools lead your dreams to new heights.

What is goal boards and how it works?

Let's talk about the amazing power of goal boards!

Goal boards are one of the most popular and creative ways to visualize your dreams.

It looks like a collage with images and words that create a representation of something you want to achieve. It could consists several categories such as personal, professional, financial, and health goals. But in fact a goal board is more more than just a collage of pretty pictures and words - it's a visual representation of your deepest desires and aspiration. By bringing together images and words that represent your personal, professional, financial, and health goals, you can create a powerful reminder of what you're working towards.

Visualization is a powerful and magical exercise that unlocks your creativity and inspires you to take action. Goal boards (or vision boards) help you to get a clear picture of where you want to go. Using visualization techniques activates your creative part which will start generate creative ideas to achieve your goal. When you see your goal board every day, you'll find yourself thinking about your goals on a regular basis, and this constant reminder can help keep you motivated even during tough times.

A goal board allows you to balance both realistic goals and big dreams. You can list your current goals while also providing a landscape for the ultimate long-term goals you're working towards.

In summary, goal boards can serve as a visual reminder and roadmap to keep people stay focused and motivated on the results they want to achieve.

Goal/Vision Boards Workshops Gallery, 2020-2023

I had a lot of fun creating my board, found a lot of connections during the workshop, and made some unexpected conclusions. It would seem like a fun, but at the end it gives you such a powerful analysis. I wish everyone to make such a little thing for themselves  and go towards their desired goals!

Katya B.

"Goal Boards for Business" Workshops
In 2021 I fully developed and hosted 2 workshops creating goal Boards for business.
During workshops participants learned a difference between personal and business goal boards, how better to visualize work achievements, and, of course, each of them created their business or career board.

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