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My name is Natalia, I'm the founder of The Casual Factotum.
I create order out of chaos, beauty out of clutter, and peace out of stress.

FACTOTUM is a Latin word meaning
“do everything” from fac “do” + tōtum “all”.
It totally reflects me - a creative and hard working person - who has a variety of different skills. I have a background in art, administration, event planning, and accounting. I am organized and detail-oriented.
If you want to keep your projects simple and clear, and give them a unique artistic touch, I'm the best person who can do it.

I live in Mason OH and available for home organizing, goal board workshops, and other projects in Ohio (Cincinnati area), Northern Kentucky, and Indiana tri-state area.

A creative woman working on her laptop computer in Cincinnati, OH.

I help people transform their lives from a cluttered and chaotic position into an organized state. To achieve this transformation, I use specialized tools and techniques, with a focus on home organizing and goal setting. I guide clients through the process, and together we create a life-changing system that fits their goals and style. You can use only one tool and organize a space in your home, for example. Or you can go through the long journey towards establishing a living space and lifestyle that is characterized by organization, calmness, and fulfillment. 

In addition, I am pleased to offer my assistance with various types of art projects and events organization.



a bunch of chairs that are sitting in a room to be organized

Home Organizing

- decluttering storage spaces or rooms;
- unpacking services;
- setting up a functional storage
or organizational system;
- creating well organized spaces;
- taking control of the chaos.

A woman standing in front of her goal board covered with images

Goal Boards

3-4 hours goal boards workshops
for adults or teens (13+),
- short presentation about goal boards and how they work;
- practical help
with setting goals and creating boards.

A group of people discussing on projects

Other Projects

- events coordination;
- art projects assistance;

- classes administration:
- and more, email for details.

Home Organizing packages start at $125 for 3 hours;

Goal Boards workshop fees start at $35/person.
Click for more information about prices

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